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What an opportunity to show our support to our local law enforcement by helping Them purchase a new cruiser. Did you know they only get used vehicles and are always in the shop? We can show our appreciating for all they do BY coming together as a community.

Life Connection Church and the community of Salina are partnering together to support our local law enforcement. TheIR greatest need currentLLY IS reliable vehicles. This is where we all come in and how you can plug in and help. The department has secured a matching grant; the amount of money raised the grant will match it. Our goal from the beginning of this challenge was to raise $55,000, this would purchase one fully loaded police cruiser. The great news is with the matching grant and the same goal we can purchase two fully loaded cruisers. 

How can you help? By giving and sharing on your social media platforms you will help get the word out. Every person and dollar count!
WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER. You are making a difference in your community!


Salina Police Department

321 W Ferry, Salina, OK,74365

 (918) 434-5782

We are a small town police department located in northeast Oklahoma made up of 5 full time police officers and 3 reserve officers.  We have applied for a matching funds grant with the USDA to raise money for new police vehicles.  The grant is geared towards growth and improvement of low population rural areas or towns, much like our little lake side town here in Salina, OK.  The police department is seeking to acquire new vehicles in order to improve the image of the town in order to attract new businesses into the community.  The vehicles currently maintained by the police department are all high mileage vehicles, many with salvaged or rebuilt titles.  The department has this year alone spent upwards of $30,000 on repairs and maintenance in order to keep the vehicles functioning and on the road, and with limited funds, that does not give us much to purchase needed equipment, fuel, etc. The department wants to serve the community to the best of our ability, but with unreliable vehicles we are unable to do so.  We need to have an opportunity to break the cycle of purchasing old, used equipment, and spending scarce resources on repairs and maintenance,thus allowing the department to free up resources for community enrichment programs. We believe that the town of Salina deserves the best that we as a department can offer, and we hope that with your help we can reach our goal. 

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